Halong bay's 9 unique values

Halong bay's 9 unique values
UPDATED: 11 Jan 2013 11 Views
There're 9 unique values that makes Halong bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world.


1. The only site has been twice recognized as a Natural World Heritage and won the vote to become one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world.

With an area of 1.553 km2 including 1,969 islands stretching along the coast, Halong bay has outstanding values, of which two outstanding universal values of landscape, geology and geomorphology have been recognized by UNESCO. Immortal and magnificent beauty of Halong Bay is created by three elements, namely: Stone, Water and Sky. This is a ai???privilegeai??? endowed by the Nature which can not be possessed by any other countries. With such unique values, Halong Bay has surpassed more than 400 wonders from over 200 countries and territories to be inscribed on the list of the new seven natural world wonders.

Ai??2. Landscape value

Halong bay is one of the 10 most beautiful Bays in the world. It is an extraordinary work of art by the Creator, a combination of sculpture and painting. It is also the harmony and flexibility of layout and colours, of shape and space, etc. All of these features are formed by thousands islands rising from the blue sea with different shapes that seem to be purposefully made by the Creator, inspiring endless imagination of the human beings

Ai??3. Geological and morphologic values

With the largest number of islands, accounted for 2/3 of total islands in Vietnam, Halong bay has a long geological history of around 500 million years including various formations of terrestrial deposit and carbonate sediment. These are historical evidences recording great events of the regional geological process. This is shown through colours, material composition, arrangement and structure of rock layers, fossil relics that are still preserved. Halong bay is the most extensive and best example of marine invaded karst landscape and one of the most important areas of fengcong and fengling karst in the world. It is considered as one of the most extensive and best-developed areas of Karst towers in the world. This is an outstanding universal value affirming its position of a Natural World Heritage - and a Natural World Wonder.

Ai??4. Biodiversity value

Biodiversity is an advantage and attractive feature of Halong bay with the typical ecosystems of the tropical sea. The biodiversity of Halong bay is shown by the variety of species, and endemic and rare genes. There are 2,949 species of flora and fauna. Of which 102 species are rare and specious at global or regional level; 17 species of plants are endemic to Halong bay.

5. Cultural and historical values

Halong is one of the homes to the ancient Vietnamese people with three continuous pre-historic cultures about 18,000 to 3,500 years ago, namely: Soi Nhu culture, Cai Beo culture, and Halong culture. It also stores outstanding intangible and tangible cultural values with famous archaeological sites, such as: Tien Ong, Me Cung, and Thien Long etc.

6. The world heritage with the most values

Apart from landscape, geographical and morphologic values that have been recognized by UNESCO, Halong bay also contains 2 outstanding values, namely: biodiversity, and cultural and historical values which are not present in 6 world heritages in Vietnam and more than 900 heritages in the world.

7. Tourism and recreation values

With magnificent natural landscape, different types of caves, beautiful beaches, and a large numbers of cultural and historical relics, Halong bay gathers almost of important factors concerning the country, people, landscape, culture and history. These advantages make it enough attractive to tourists and to foster Vietnam tourism. At present, overnight stay on the Bay is considered as unique and distinctive tourism product attracting a wide range of domestic and international tourists.


8. Diversity of aquatic products

With ideal conditions, nutrient-rich water resource, calm sea and large tidal flats, Halong bay has diversified marine resources. In Halong bay, there are 315 species of fish and 450 species of mollusc. It is habitat of various kinds of highly-valued sea products, such as: garrupa, mackerel, threadfin, cuttle-fish, shrimp, crab, abalone, and Holothurian. Halong bay is therefore a favourable place for aquaculture, especially for raising high economic value and environmental friendly species, namely: Geoduck, Clam, Pearl, and Arca.

9. A destination receiving the largest number of international tourist arrivals in the nationwide.

With its favourable natural conditions and its titles, Halong bay is the destination attracting the largest number of international tourist arrivals among 06 world heritages of Vietnam in recent years (receiving over 6 million arrivals of domestic and foreign tourists in 2011). Halong is always one of the first priorities of almost of international tourists when they design their voyage to Vietnam. Halong bay is such an beautiful and precious bay of Quang Ninh and a wonderful destination of Vietnam's tourism!