From Hanoi city to Halong bay ai??i?? 30 minutes only!

From Hanoi city to Halong bay ai??i?? 30 minutes only!
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Halong bay tours

Halong bay is always one of the most attractive tourist place in Vietnam. This World Natural Heritage Site welcomes millions of international visitors. Normally, the most popular way from Hanoi city to Halong is using group bus (the guest could do easily book Halong bay trip from so many travel agencies in Hanoi). For most of Halong bay tours (full days, 2 days/1 night, 3 days/2 nightsai??i??), it takes around 4 hours from and to Hanoi ai??i?? Halong bay. However, the great news in this September is that Hai Au Airline will launch a Ha Noi-Ha Long route, using two of the latest generation Cessna Grand Caravan EX hovercrafts.

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Visit Halong Bay by aircraft

The airline took possession of the two aircraft from the US manufacturer Cessnaat its hangar at Noi Bai International Airport in Ha Noi on August 8.

Hai Au airline Hai Au airline

Thanks to Hai Au Airline, using this flight, the guest could do save so much time. Instead of spending 3 to 4 hours on the bus/private car for the distance of 120 ai??i?? 130 km, the flight only takes around 30 minutes (wing span is 15.87 meter and the maximum speed of 343 km/h). Its capacity is up to 12 passengers with the most special point is that it is capable of taking off and landing on land, ocean, river and lake surfaces, this kind of transfer could be considered the great chance for whom would like to discover Halong bay tour by their own way.