Harmony Halong Bay

Harmony Halong Bay
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Halong Bay was beautiful. The boat was fantastic and the food on the boat was great. Shame we had a visit from mr. rat in our cabin that night and Steve discovered that heai??i??s allergic to shellfish so he was getting sick all night. Before he got sick we heard a screech and scratching behind the timber boarding of the walls.

There was a little hole near the floor (perfectly formed like in a Tom and Jerry cartoon!) and there it was, a furry little grey arse and tail hanging out of the hole. Needless to say we got no sleep that night! We did feel sorry for the couple in the room next to us though. They were on their honeymoon and all they could hear was puking, screaming and empty beer cans being thrown at the wall every time little rat boy poked his head out! Sorry guys

Ai??Apart from that the trip was great. Kayaking was good and you got to kayak through an area with plenty of caves before dinner that night. The two Australian guys said that the 2 night trip was definitely worth it but we didnai??i??t have time to do it.

Headed back to Hanoi for a night then for Steve to get over his allergy. Poor thing, sick as a dog for 4 days. When he started feeling better we went to a restaurant so he could try to eat something again. He ordered a bowl of soup and a warm baguette thinking it would be easy on his stomach. The soup arrived and it was fine but when the bread came out, piping hot, he broke it in half only to have hundreds of ants crawl out of it. The disbelief on his face was a kodak moment! How did they get there and how the hell did they survive the heat? The waitress came and took it away and then everyone in the kitchen came over to inspect it.

They were as baffled as we were. So Steve went ahead and had more soup before saying, ai???all we need now is another ratai??i??. No sooner did the words come from his mouth when we heard an all too familiar screech and a big fat furry rat ran up the wall in the restaurant. Our jaws dropped. A waitress came over to us and we tried to tell her about the rat but she couldnai??i??t speak a word of english so we drew a picture on a napkin which she found hilarious and showed to everyone thinking it was cute. Kinda went off the food after that and called it a night. Poor Steve ate nothing after that for at least 2 daysai??i??..

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