Positive changes from Cua Van fishing village


The air of Cua Van fishing village in Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province in the afternoon is calm and quiet. However, what is really unique about this village are the neat rows of dustbins, their contents sorted according to recycling type. This has been made possible by the local commitment to environmental protection and recycling.

This is the result of raised environmental awareness thanks to a project on supporting to construction of a resource circulatory system in Halong Bay with the participation of localities and the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Households in Cua Van fishing village have been still familiar with old habits, including empty out the rubbish to the environment. However, the implementation of the project has changed cognition of local people, minimizing waste water and detergent in daily activities. Phuong from Cua Van fishing village said that after training of knitting washing piece, she has very excited and raised awareness about environmental protection in Halong Bay. ai???Woolen washing pieces not only save washing water but also reduce environmental pollution,ai??? Phuong said.

Cua Van Fishing Village
Cua Van Fishing Village

3R sorting dustbins is neatly arranged in the corner in Tran Van Dungai??i??s house. Dung said that, rubbish was pell-mell left previously, so flies were a lot. However, after the implementation of the project, his family has equipped with trashs and guided the classification of rubbish. He also said that when fishing village is clean and tidy, the number of foreign tourists to visit Halong Bay and fishing village will increase and they will also feel pleased about the environment of Halong Bay.
According to Quang Ninh Womenai??i??s Union, the Union has trained for 36 provincial staff and members to teach knitting woolen washing pieces in fishing villages. Local people have raised environmental awareness through the use of soap and dish washing liquid in an appropriate amount. In addition, the Union has distributed nearly 300 dustbins for households in Cua Van fishing village to form the habit of sorting garbage.

According to the Management Board of Halong Bay, Cua Van fishing village discharges three to four tonnes of waste per day. If the amount of garbages is not collected thoroughly, it will pollute the environment. Since implementing the project, households in the fishing village have complied with the instructions to conduct proper handling process, significantly reducing negative impacts on the environment of Halong Bay.

Cua Van Fishing Village overview
Cua Van Fishing Village overview

In order to keep water quality of the Bay as current situation, the management board said that they would restrict and minimize the influence of socioeconomic development activities as well as protect and keep intact natural circulatory system. However, Department of Environmental Management of the Management Board of Ha Long Bay manager Le Lam Tuan said that it is necessary to continue to raise awareness of the community on the value and the importance of environmental protection in Ha Long Bay.
ai???In the future, we will consolidate and stabilize management staff and progress to deploy collection of solid waste in the residential villages,ai??? Tuan said.

In the current conditions, the Management Board of Ha Long Bay has continued implementing the project with the assistance of JICA. ai???If synchronously implemented, the project will continue providing meanings and practical effects for the environment of Ha Long Bay in particular and Quang Ninh environment in generalai??? Tuan said.