Halong a must-visit travel destination

Floating village in Halong
Floating village in Halong

If you need a break from your busy life to enjoy some tranquil moments watching the sun slowly set on the sea, Halong is the perfect getaway.

Over the past two decades, Halong Bay (literally means Bay of Descending Dragon) has become a popular tourist destination in the northern region of Viai??i??t Nam to explore wonderful limestone caves and take part in adventure activities.

The recent breakthroughs in infrastructure development, the influx of investment and the efforts of the local authorities have led to an increase in the number of tourists to the area.

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

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Ai??Green tourism

Tourists in Halong will enjoy unique experiences each time they visit, with the local authorities gearing to promote tourism as a green industry.

Early this month, Qua??ng Ninh Province officials split the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to set up a separate Department of Tourism.

Halong bay
Halong bay

The aim is to turn the northern province into an international travel destination and the countryai??i??s leading tourism hub with developed infrastructure and diverse tourism products deeply imbued with the national identity and the traditions to be able to compete regionally and globally, Chairman of the provincial Peopleai??i??s Committee Nguyai??i??n A?ai??i??c Long said.

The province is expected to develop tourism into a leading economic sector and a driver for sustainable socio-economic growth.

The newly-established tourism department will focus on developing human resources and create a favourable environment for property developers to hasten their projects and for tour and travel companies to provide the best services.

Besides Halong Bay, Qua??ng Ninh also has over 500 relic and tourism sites, such as VA?n A?ai??i??n and MA?ng Cai.