Bai Chay Bridge

Bai Chay Bridge
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Bai Chay bridge is a pride of Halong city

The Bai Chay Bridge completed in 2006 is a cable-stayed bridge on highway 18, connecting Hon Gai district with Bai Chay district and visiting Halong bay by departing at Hon Gai pier or Bai Chay pier. This is also the first central-line cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam, at the time of the inauguration; it took the record of longest central-line span of cable-stayed bridge. With the design of 50m above water level, Bai Chay Bridge assures all vessels can still operate normally when passing under it.

Bai Chay bridge Bai Chay bridge

The prior purpose of Bai Chay Bridge is improving traffic conditions on highway 18 and easing congestion on sea lanes, however, after constructing, it attracts large number of visitors coming to visit. Bai Chay Bridge becomes the pride of Halong city and an important connection between tourists and marvelous Halong bay. The bridge has a lovely nickname as a musical instrument ai???guitarai??i?? called by local people. From afar, the cables of the bridge look like the lines of guitar and all the bridge likes a white charming silk band crossing Cua Luc bay. At night this charming silk band is illuminated by colorful lights that make it very brilliant. Visitors may come here to take some photos or just simply walking for fresh air.

Visit tourist destinations nearby

Crossing Bai Chay Bridge, visitors can go in two directions and visit famous places in each direction. If you go to Bai Chay district, the first and foremost destination in your mind surely Bai Chay beach. It is newly renovated and completed at the end of April 2015. Visitors now can enjoy the good services as well as a beautiful landscape here which is likely in Quan Lan and Minh Chau beaches with white sand, green trees around the beach. It means that you do not need to travel a long way to Quan Lan or Minh Chau anymore, you just need to come to Bai Chay beach and relax here. Bai Chay beach definitely transfers into an ideal location for the summer vacation.

Bai Chay bridge Halong Bai Chay bridge Halong

Coming to Hon Gai district, visitors can choose to visit Quang Ninh museum, which is operated in 2013 with unique and valuable architecture and artifacts. For example, upon entering the ground floor of this museum, you can admire the whale skeleton and the model of sailboats. The first floor is displayed and decorated together with lighting and visual effects; you can feel like walking in a mini edition of Halong bay. After visting the museum, you can choose to go shopping at traditional market at the center of Halong city. You can find interesting souvernirs and specialties of Halong here. Although having differences in tourist attraction, these two directions of Bai Chay Bridge still have common things. From Hon Gai pier or Bai Chay pier, you can choose an overnight cruise or day boats to discover the beauty of Halong bay. It is very fascinating and worth trying in this summer holidays.