My Trip To Halong With Friends

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Got on our bus to Halong Bay from Hanoi at 8.30. 4 hour bus drive, we are on board.

From here we took about a three hour cruise through the cave where we put up anchor to spend the afternoon and night. We were served a delicious seafood lunch and moved into our rooms in this time. The food was truly incredible and the room was quite nice. I hitched up with lik and tek, while baki and alex shared a room. The room was big, had AC, a window with a beautiful ocean view, our own Western bathroom with hot water, everything you could want. It's awful how much money I spent for a terribly runty populate on a cruise board in the Caribbean when I could get this for a kill of the damage.

I wonai??i??t talk to much about the views because I canai??i??t say what a picture can and I took a lot of them. It was the most beautiful place we have been on our trip so far and one of the most beautiful places Iai??i??ve ever been. We real lucked out with the windward and it was a rattling comprehendible day. You could see rows and rows of colossus limestone hills poking out of the nutrient. They see like limestone icebergs. In the mornings when the period is low, you can see how overmuch of the pitching is worn out from the sea, and it really looks similar these things are retributive floating on the food. Lots of great company to go along with it, about 30 people on the boat, and we settled in for a relaxing couple days. When we finally got to the cove we would be decoration out in, we were allowed to get off the boat and go tearful. Considering we were all on the top coldcock of the dish, which had three stories, the most overt way to get into the installation was just jumping off the top. So gone we went. Swimming for a patch and then hindmost on the boat to put on account jackets and commission our kayaks. There is a fishing village nearby which has adapted to profit off the tourist industry. They towed kayaks over to our boat for us to go explore the bay. We were away for about two hours in total, went to see the fishing village and a cave, which had formed by the sea eroding part of the limestone. The fishing village wasnai??i??t too much to sea, but the cave was quite brilliant.

It wasnai??i??t a very big cave, but it was amazing to find this in the middle of the ocean. Also, Iai??i??m really into caves. Aly and Maryse werenai??i??t nearly as impressed as I was. We then stopped in the middle of the bay to watch the sun set, which was probably the most beautiful sun set I have ever seen. It went down nice and slowly between two giant rock icebergs, reflecting across the water in between. It didnai??i??t hurt to be sitting in the middle of the ocean in a kayak either. By the time we were heading back to the boat, it was dark out, and everything was sparklingai??i??literally. The only light pollution was from a couple of boats and the stars were absolutely amazing. And the sea sparkled as well because there is algae that lights up when it is disturbed. We kayaked along and just drug our hands along in the.

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