Halong Wonderful Tour


We just got back from Halong Bay, Vietnam on a wonderful 2 day tour. for a reasonable price, we got transportation (3.5 hours) to the bay and back, plus a junk boat (I still donai??i??t know why they call them junk boats) four delicious local style meals, kayaks and accommodation on the boat while floating in Halong Bay.

Contrary to popular belief, Halong Bay was not carved out by glaciers five hundred million years ago. it was actually created by a mystical dragon as it touched down on this part of the south china sea. Halong Bay is beautiful! there are some 3,000 limestone hills that jut out of the water; and we got to sail, swim and kayak in it. no wonder its a UNESCO world heritage site! Everyone was pretty cool, social and loads of fun. there were Aussies, English, Irish, Dutch, a Korean and usai??i?? we talked, laughed, ate together and all in all just enjoyed the spectacular scenery as God intended us to. honestly, words (and even pictures for that matter)Ai??doesn’tAi??seem to capture the full essence of this placeai??i?? its like nothingAi??I’veAi??seen. Iai??i??m gonna try and add some of the better pictures and stories with the pictures to kinda help you guys experience it vicariously.

One story though, have any of you played a game called ai???Ai??YAHWEH?ai??? yes, it is a drinking game. Anyway, it involves changing directions, skipping turns, pointing, making shooting gestures and singing.Ai??EuniceAi??and iAi??didn’tAi??drink much but it was still loads of fun. and of course someone passed out early so they had the word ai???homoai??? and ai???pooai??? written on them. just simple high school/college level type of fun. it lasted way into the night and wasAi??freakingai??i??Ai??hilarious!